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Upgrades To Help Your Tampa Home Sell For Top Dollar

When you’re bringing your home to market, you may be tempted to do some major renovations to try to sell your home for more money. However, you may find a better return in some simple fixes that bring maximum value to your home. let’s go room by room and look at some options.


Let’s start with the kitchen. Kitchens are the most important room and they oftentimes are the deciding factor in buying a home. Some easy solutions to update an old kitchen are to put modern hardware on the cabinets. Also, if you consider updating one or two of the appliances, it makes it easier for your buyers to see the potential of the kitchen.

Now, I know it’s expensive, but modern counter tops are a huge selling point. Old Formica counter tops are very much out of style. Consider upgrading to granite, or use a composite stone like quartz for a great modern look. If there’s one room in the house you’re going to invest in, it should be your kitchen. Sometimes it’s not practical to replace your whole kitchen, but if you do decide to upgrade before you sell, make sure you modernize your counter top.

Cabinetry is a big expense in every kitchen. However, you can actually get a modern look from older cabinets simply by painting them and replacing the hardware. This is much more cost-effective than installing all new cabinets.

And the easiest change of all to your kitchen...?


A coat of light colored paint can brighten up even the smallest kitchen and make them feel larger.


Bathrooms are the second most important rooms in the house after the kitchen. Check all the faucets to make sure they’re tight and working properly. Any leaky faucets should be fixed. You can usually do this yourself with just a wrench, or a handy man or plumber can help you.

Clean out the grout on all the tiles, especially around the shower area. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of half vinegar and half warm water. Spray it on the grout, let it sit for five minutes and scrub with a stiff brush.

If you’re considering a major renovation to both your bathroom and kitchen, buy one large slab for all your counter tops. It will not only save you money, but allow you to tie in your kitchen counters to your bathroom counters.

There's plenty of design choices from simple to elegant that can be used to upgrade your bathroom. Whether you go with simple subway tile and vinyl flooring or a clean modern look, upgrading your bathroom will pay back dividends when selling your home.

Living Rooms

Try to rearrange your living room to make it feel more open and spacious. Hardwood, laminate, or wood-look tiles tying your living room are a great investment. Tying rooms together using the same floor can really help with the flow of your home.

Keep rooms feeling open and spacious to highlight the size of your home. This may mean reorganizing furniture. Really consider the flow of the house as buyers come to see it.

Painting can be an inexpensive option to make the house more appealing to buyers. Simple, neutral colors are a perfect solution in any room.


Paint bedrooms or change the flooring for a modern look.

Use neutral colors to create an inviting space, or experiment with darker tones to create a seductive bedroom. Decorate to make these rooms inviting to potential buyers.

There are so many choices when it comes to renovating your home to sell. Before making any decisions I recommend you speak with both a licensed Realtor and a licensed contractor. They'll be able to give you suggestions on what needs to be done to help you sell fast and for top dollar. If you need any help with your renovation, don't hesitate to contact me.

Hopefully you found this guide useful in your Tampa home sale. If you have any questions on this process, feel free to contact Stephen Dispensa of Real Broker LLC. and Tampa Real Estate Secrets:

Stephen Dispensa

Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate

(813) 591-0569

Real Broker, LLC.

Tampa Real Estate Secrets

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